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The Canadian Motocross Federation (CMF) is an exciting and innovative organisation which understands the requirements for modern day motocross events. It has been created to not only stage leading events, but support and sanction motocross competition and practice throughout Canada. We are here to listen to and understand the requirements of each club and organisation that would like to move into the next generation – after all, every club is different and therefore needs to be treated as an individual case. CMF will be the first Western based Canadian Motocross Sanctioning body that strives to enhance motocross sport in Canada.

Sport in general is progressing at speed and becoming an everyday way of life within society, so why should off road motorcycle sport be any different? CMF doesn’t believe it should be; it’s a sport that is blessed with fantastic family values, on many occasions far more than many mainstream sports. With a long term vision to make sport more accessible and recognisable to people outside the realms of motorcycling, CMF are driven to create the foundations on which the sport can build and compete with other sports in the public domain.

CMF is driven by passion and managed by common sense; we’re in touch with the requirements of the sporting family of today. Right through from the riders who want a well organised event to the clubs that require just as much ‘back-room’ support and advice, CMF are here to create and support at all levels. It’s our aim to make sure everyone involved, from land owner to spectator is satisfied. It’s our responsibility to take the sport to the general public whilst it’s our joint responsibility to promote the sport to the masses.


The Canadian Motocross Federation was started by a lifelong motocross racer turned promoter and lifelong fan who became disillusioned with the direction the sport being run by Eastern based organisations with little to no regard for Western based clubs, promoters, organisations, riders or families. Other organisations were and are still charging astronomical license fees to new families looking to enter the sport with little return to it's members. With the knowledge and passion for the sport they soon set about starting their own race series. The Future West Promotions BC Motocross Championship were started in 2013 with a no license no series fee concept to rebuild a divided sport in British Columbia. After it's second successful season the necessity for a Western based Motocross Federation was conceived.


The need for a true Amateur Motocross National Championship in Western Canada and a legitimate four round Western Pro National series are at the forefront of Canadian Motocross Federation goals and plans for 2015 along with the established Kawasaki BC Motocross Championship and Fall Classic Motocross Championships

We have always believed that motocross has a bright future in Canada. CMF believes that with the right structure, a solid platform can be built to establish the sport and give it long term stability. CMF aim to cater for everybody, from the grass roots of motocross right through to pro level and groom the stars of tomorrow whilst always maintaining the ethos of this invigorating sport.

Another exciting initiative is to provide instant social media updates from each race and club as and when events happen including the ability to register for events via smartphone and internet technology before or on your way to the track saving you precious time on race day as well as saving precious time for event staff.

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